The Committee for Better Banks has active, worker-driven, petition campaigns at many major banks on multiple issues. If you’d like to contact us about starting an action at your bank, use our contact form here.

– Santander Bank workers are calling on their bank to publicly commit that in all U.S. Santander workplaces, it will not obstruct workers’ efforts to come together in a union and will recognize their organization if a majority of employees decide to join.

– U.S. Bank changed their bonus system to reward workers who prolong debt collection, which hurts customers, and then grades workers on customer survey questions like “did they make you feel special?” Sign our petition telling U.S. Bank to stop playing games with workers livelihoods and stop dragging out customers’ debts.

– Bank of America trains call center workers in complex financial regulations using online videos, which means they’re unable to properly help customers. Sign our petition telling B of A to invest in properly training employees and hold managers accountable for this.
UPDATE: Our petition has forced Bank of America to make some improvements, let’s keep up the pressure and finish the job.


Los Angeles has been a leader in fighting against predatory sales goals in the banking industry. LA’s Mayor Eric Garcetti and the Los Angeles City Council recently passed a policy that would prohibit the City of Los Angeles from doing business with banks that force their workers to meet predatory sales goals by pushing new accounts, loans, credit cards and debt cards.

Wells Fargo has been investigated and sued for its obsession with sales goals which have driven workers to open fraudulent accounts or risk losing their jobs. Since our petition and meetings with members of Congress and federal agencies the bank was charged a $185 Million fine and has agreed to stop all sales goals.