Banks spend endless time and energy making complex accountability and performance metrics to maximize productivity.

Maybe just try paying people fairly?

3 days ago

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Joey ClemonsCouldn't agree more! Too many companies put such high expectations on sales goals, and when someone doesn't reach it, they replace them with someone new. Do they honestly think that a new employee without product knowledge and training can come in and out perform a veteran right out the gate? Pay your seasoned employees better to stick around and pay fair bonuses for them to produce and you'd see improvements!2 days ago   ·  5
Joey ClemonsOffer your employees job security, pretty simple!2 days ago   ·  2
Mary TaylorUgh. Walking out to the car tonight I was told of how a lot of top producers were informed their annual bonuses would be reduced by one metric which i believe was introduced late in the year. Dirty pool1 day ago   ·  1
Nikki HallIt's pretty simple12 hours ago

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