Bank teller problem #14 😅 ...

Bank teller problem #14 😅


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Odelie Ann Kiara Triplett

I hate it when you ask someone for their drivers license and they point to other employees like well so and so knows me, so does that person and that person, GREAT!! Then have them cash your check, I'm out.

Someone once asked if they could use their Facebook as ID

One time a customer told me I was harassing him because I asked for him to sign the back of his check he was cashing 🤦🏻‍♀️

Hands you a BJ's card for I.D.


Hands me debit card instead of ID. 🙄

Ashley Daniel Bishop Jennifer Scott Pennison Jeniffer Lopez

Loren Mendoza Brooke Chipman

Diana Lopez


Deep Singh

Paula Rufina Millsapp

Kate Brosman !!!!!!!!! 🤣😂

Sherry Ouimet Torrano I don't care if you're 101 years old 👴and can't go to the DMV! Yes, I have to check your ID to close out your 200k CD! Lmfao! 😂

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Things a bank teller hears. 😅 ...

Things a bank teller hears. 😅


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How sick were you of hearing this?? 😂 Angelica Molina Romina Bertetti

So true! Mindy Carrington Walsh Chris Summers Angela Dayana Covarrubias Kim ONeal Madison Giacomo Sherry Jones

Jan Gutai Anderson

Sure am come back on Sunday💗

April Wilhide Autumn Samborn Ashley DeMitchell

Justin Robbins, “Well, we’re giving away $25 if you refer someone to open an account at TD!” Literally use this response on customers at least once a week.

Winning lotto numbers? Have an extra million you don't need?

You giving samples today? Sure here’s a stack of hundreds lmk how they spend 🙄

Ashley Canada


Julie Ivan Marta yup

Haha yeah no lol as I doe a little inside

I tell them yup I'll put in the mail for u 😉

Jacey Brooke

Daniela Castillo Aparicio hahahha

Omg, I bet!!🙄 love the eye roll emoji..

I always used to say, awww just ran out of samples. 😂🤣😂


Karoline McPeake 😜🤪😂

Renise Emile Yoly Castañeda Ceci Lia Qdj Ramon Valentin

Debra Kucharczyk

Vicky Mox Christa Schroen

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