#banktellerproblems 😅 ...

#banktellerproblems 😅


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Courtney Catalino Jamie Worthington-Timmer Martha LaNasa Brittany Poulin

Fill it up for them, because Bank will pay someone to call customers and rank your behavior from 1 to 10. Then they pay someone else to analyze the data. Then they will hire a coach to help you change your perspective on abuse from Customers. But Bank will not pay you descent wages. That is funny.

For $15 an hour you need to fill it out, if you don't fill it out, the ATM will do it for them for free. More ATM's with more options and less tellers. Choose your battles wisely.

Nicole Wagner Cristi Porter

Jessica Stoker Jessie Corbitt Lindsay Ridley

Laura Bolerin Marisol Carrasquillo R Uthy Var Mir 😂😂

Least of my worries

Uncle Joe you would do it for me.

Thank goodness for the banks that have gone slip-free

Gisela Blancas

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