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Global Support

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One of our key partners has been UNI Finance, which is the Global Union for all finance and insurance workers. UNI Finance represents over 3 million bank and insurance employees who are members of 237 trade unions worldwide. Globally, workers in the finance sector have been combating restructuring, layoffs, and stress from sales pressures. But as members of trade unions, these 3 million bank workers - in countries as diverse as Brazil to France, and South Africa to Japan - already have collective bargaining rights to address these workplace issues and concerns. UNI Finance members are committed to supporting efforts by bank workers in the United States to come together and form a powerful voice for needed changes in the banking industry.


Recent studies have highlighted the benefits to customers and our entire financial system when bank workers have collective bargaining rights. More and more people agree that empowering bank workers to “regulate from below” will benefit everyone.