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Current Campaigns

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The Committee for Better Banks has active, worker-driven, petition campaigns at many major banks on multiple issues. If you’d like to contact us about starting an action at your bank, use our contact form here.

Support $25/hour minimum wage for bank workers!

Big banks have seen record profits this year, but it is frontline workers who drove the success and soldiered on through a global pandemic to ensure communities could continue to function and have access to essential financial services, all while enduring intense stress from increasingly high - and often unattainable - sales goals and performance metrics. So rather than pass these profits onto CEOs through questionable stock buyback schemes, let's support the good jobs our communities need by calling for a $25/hour minimum wage across the major banks!

This isn't an unattainable goal. Bank of America has already committed to raising wages to $25/hour by 2025, after having already raised their minimum wage to $20/hour in 2020. Let’s make your bank the next one! Sign the petition here!

Support PENFed Workers!

PenFed Management has decided to force hundreds of workers into the impossible choice between uprooting their families, applying for a different--probably lower paying--job at PenFed, or leaving the company. Join us in demanding management reverse this decision and honor the company's commitment to being a community leader and destination employer. Join PenFed Workers United in supporting our co-workers and demanding that PenFed Management reverse this unfair ultimatum.

Support Wells Fargo Workers!

Wells Fargo is still broken! Despite assurances, many workers still have unattainable metrics.   Incentive pay based on increasing customers’ loan volumes and checking account balances is going up. The toxic, high-pressure sales culture, that originally caused Wells Fargo so many problems, is coming back! Many Wells Fargo employees are scared to speak up for fear of retaliation and losing our jobs. We went to DC to hold Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan accountable when he testified before Congress. We tried to meet with him and hand him our petition but he snubbed us and then was forced to resign. Please sign our petition demanding that Wells Fargo meets with the Committee for Better Banks and our allies, so we can get the wheels back on at Wells Fargo.