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American Banker: Employees of Verity Credit Union in Seattle launch labor union bid

This article originally appeared in American Banker

Employees of Verity Credit Union in Seattle are working with the Communications Workers of America to form a labor union. 

Eligible frontline staffers across the $841.4 million-asset Verity hope that through collective bargaining, they can address issues stemming from what they say are a lack of upward mobility and the possible elimination of remote work opportunities.

Despite still being scarce within the financial services industry, employee unions at banks and credit unions are a growing movement as younger generations of talent continue to increasingly advocate for improved working conditions. 


"Our whole goal of starting this union has been to make Verity a better place to work. … If you're going to say that 'people come before the bottom line' is a part of your values, I think it's important that your actions back that up," said Jessica Ufland, a tier two call center representative at Verity.

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