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Lake Michigan Credit Union branch workers file for a union election

"I am organizing to form a union because it’s time that LMCU pays me fairly for the work that I do. It’s time we have a seat at the table so that we can work together to make LMCU a better place for us and our members.” said Anaisa Sanchez, a teller at the South Division branch.

From Grand Rapids Business Journal: LMCU branch workers seek to form union

A majority of Lake Michigan Credit Union (LMCU) workers at the South Division branch in Wyoming earlier this week filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for a union election.

The workers are organizing to form a union with the Communications Workers of America and now have assembled as the LMCU Workers Alliance.

According to the employees, the move to unionize is an effort to improve working conditions, transparency and communication at the branch. A signed letter also was sent to LMCU President and CEO Sandy Jelinski asking for voluntary recognition.

From American Banker: 'We aren't being recognized': Workers' union bid at one financial institution

Employees of a Lake Michigan Credit Union branch are preparing for a union organizing fight with upper management, part of what they hope will boost the momentum for organizing across the banking industry.

Anaisa Sanchez, a teller at the branch and a member of the alliance who speaks Spanish and English, explained how she and her multilingual colleagues are often pulled away from their daily tasks involving members who aren't well-versed in English to serve as translators for co-workers in other departments.

"We have tellers that have lines just for themselves because people come and they want to see them specifically, and to have [people from] different departments contact us from the opposite side of Michigan because they need somebody to help them interpret … we aren't being recognized for that," Sanchez said.