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PenFed workers win settlement on unfair labor practice charges, but protest job cuts and restructuring

Employees at the Pentagon Federal Credit Union (known as PenFed) call center in Eugene, Oregan are speaking out after the credit union announced it is moving over 100 jobs to Virginia or Texas. The announcement by the company occurred just days after the credit union settled unfair labor practice charges filed by PenFed workers with Region 19 of the National Labor Relations Board for workers having been disciplined and retaliated against for exercising their rights to have a voice on the job and to improve their working conditions. Under the terms of the settlement, PenFed is required to post and distribute to employees a notice that details the obligations the credit union has in upholding those rights, including not discouraging or preventing workers from discussing their wages and not suspending or disciplining employees for engaging in concerted protected activity.

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