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Jessie and Mack

We believe in a better Wells Fargo

Work at a Wells Fargo Branch? Show your solidarity with official Wells Fargo Workers United merch! We are making buttons, wrist bands, and more. Fill out the form on this page and we will send you current swag and other organizing resources.


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Your information will be kept private. Wells Fargo Workers United is not in any way affiliated with Wells Fargo. 

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If you are a current employee and want to learn more about Wells Fargo Workers United and The Committee for Better Banks, we welcome you to attend one of our classes. We currently have classes on your rights at work, strategies for talking to your coworkers about organizing, and a general orientation for those who are just getting started. Classes are live webinars run by Committee for Better Banks organizers, giving you a chance to ask questions and get to know us better!

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