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Wells Fargo Workers United

What are Weingarten rights?

As soon as we vote to form our growing union, bank workers gain additional rights and legal protections. Even before we negotiate our first contract, workers who are represented by a union have the right to have union representation in any meeting that could lead to discipline. These rights came from a U.S. Supreme Court decision in 1975 generally known as “Weingarten Rights.”

If a supervisor or other management representative requests an investigatory meeting with you and if you have a reasonable cause to believe that such a meeting may result in a disciplinary action, including a warning, you have the right to request Union representation. Employees may select the representative of their choosing and management must honor this request.

You should take the following actions if a supervisor or other management representative desires to meet with you: 

  1. Tell your manager/supervisor that you request Union Representation.
  2. Remain silent until the Union Representative (of your choosing) is present.
  3. Request the right to consult with the Union Representative prior to meeting with management.

Once we form our union, Wells Fargo HR reps and supervisors will have to honor your Weingarten requests for representation. You can no longer be cornered and forced into a disciplinary meeting alone.

Weingarten Rights Card
Union Members: you can't be pulled into a disciplinary meeting alone if you invoke these rights. Download and print this and keep it with you at work.
Weingarten Rights Card