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Wells Fargo Workers United

Apopka, FL branch becomes the latest to file for union election

Apopka, FL has become the latest Wells Fargo worksite to join the wave of recent organizing! Workers at the branch announced their intention to organize by delivering the following letter to management:

"Mr. Scharf,

We the employees of the Apopka branch in Orlando, Florida are proud to announce our intention of forming a union with Wells Fargo Workers United/ Communications Workers of America and we respectfully urge you to voluntarily recognize our union. To advance our rights, we have also filed a petition with the National Labor Relations Board to conduct a union election. If you agree to voluntarily recognize our union within the next seven days, we will withdraw our petition. We expect our right to form a union will be respected without interference, harassment, or intimidation. Our aim is not to disrupt, but to enhance our working environment to benefit everyone.

The reasons prompting this action stem from long standing issues that we feel have not been properly addressed by existing channels. We are continually faced with inadequate staffing levels that not only strain our ability to perform our duties effectively, but also undermine the quality of service we can offer to our customers. This chronic shortage has placed an unsustainable burden on us and is a significant source of our collective unsatisfaction. Additionally, there is a prevailing sentiment that our compensation does not reflect the dedication and effort we bring to our roles, leaving many of us feeling underpaid and undervalued. Many of us have been serving Wells Fargo and its customers for over a decade with little to show for it. We are certain that through a union, we can establish a dialogue that is both respected and acted upon, ensuring that our voices are not just heard, but part fo the decision-making process that affects our day-t0-day life. 

We trust that you will consider this request earnestly, recognizing the value such a move could bring to both the employees of this branch, and Wells Fargo as a whole. 


The Apopka Team