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Apex, NC branch votes to join WFWU-CWA!

We are pleased to share another win this week! On April 10th,  Apex, NC branch workers held their election and voted to join our union.

“We are so understaffed that bankers have to increasingly spend large amounts of time helping out on the teller line,” workers at the branch stated in their  letter to management announcing their intent to organize. “We often have to work right through our lunch break. Customer wait times have increased and we have not been adequately compensated for our additional duties and workloads. Meanwhile customer service suffers. With the constant reduction of staff adding more job responsibilities for the rest of us without any additional compensation, we have decided we need and deserve a collective voice so that we can effectively advocate for ourselves as a group.”

Please congratulate the members of the Apex team. 

The next upcoming elections scheduled are:

  • Bradenton, FL - April 16, 2024
  • National City, CA - May 2, 2024

To get started organizing your branch or non-branch department, contact an organizer here.

Contact an Organizer

Ask an organizer! Connect with a co-worker at a union branch. Submit your questions. 

We know many branch managers are spreading misinformation and lies during morning huddles about our progress, especially about what is really happening in the branches that have already formed a union. Do you have a question you’d like to ask one of the branches that has organized? Curious what it’s really been like in the branches since they’ve voted to form a union? We can help connect you with coworkers in the union branches so you can hear the truth. Or email us your questions. We are developing a Q&A series to help you get the facts about what is happening in the union branches. A growing number of your coworkers  have been successfully gone through the organizing process from start to finish and  Email us your suggestions, or any other questions you’d like to see answered in this weekly newsletter.
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VIDEO: It’s Better in a Union

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Question of the Week:
Will we lose our benefits if we organize?

Unless you are represented by the union, Wells Fargo can change the terms and conditions of your employment at any time and without any reason at all. Without a union, management has sole discretion. They can change your hours, job responsibilities, benefits, you name it—all without any input or approval from you.


Even if you have a staff handbook, there is nothing about that staff handbook that is legally binding in terms of what your employer owes you since it’s all their rules and most include language that those rules are subject to change at any time. 


When workers start organizing, one of the go-to arguments management tries to make is that you aren’t guaranteed to get anything when you unionize, and that no one can promise benefits will be better if you have a contract. First off, without a union, there are no guarantees, and worse, management can change your pay and benefits without consulting you at all. Second, it’s your union and you will vote to approve your union contract before it can go into effect. That’s why employers like Wells Fargo lean into this argument and misrepresent the facts. They are trying to take away your ownership over your own union because they are trying to make you nervous and doubtful. 


But think about it, if employees got less after they organized, why would companies even bother bringing in union busters? And why would a company who has a track record of disregarding the impact of corporate changes on the lives of its employees suddenly be so concerned with your well-being?
Together, WE are the union. Would you negotiate a contract that contains lower wages and benefits? No way!

Union Busters Playbook