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Wells Fargo branch in Bradenton, FL votes yes to become 10th union branch amidst organizing surge!

Latest victory: The 75th Street branch in Bradenton, Florida is 10th to vote to join WFWU-CWA!

The anti-union propaganda during the morning huddles hasn’t slowed our momentum! Branches all across the country continue to reach out to us every week because everyone is fed up with doing the work of two or three people while maybe getting a 1-2% raise. Many employees need a second job to make ends meet. One job should be enough and Wells Fargo can definitely afford to pay us what we deserve. Meanwhile, our CEO Charlie Scharf gave himself an 18% raise last year of $4.5 million!

But we can’t be stopped. This past Tuesday, April 16, our movement reached new heights when our coworkers at the 75th Street branch in Bradenton, Florida voted yes to become the 10th Wells Fargo branch to organize and join our union in less than 4 months! 

“We are excited and honored that our successful vote marks an important milestone in the creation of our union,” said Nancy Luffman, a Teller at the Bradenton branch. “We need to come together because in recent years we have seen our branch, like many others, grapple with challenges that have undermined our ability to serve our customers and uphold the values Wells Fargo stands for. We have witnessed a distressing trend of reduced staffing, resulting in an unsustainable increase in workload for remaining employees. This has not only diminished our capacity to deliver the level of service our customers expect but has also severely impacted our job satisfaction and mental well-being.”

Please congratulate the members of the Bradenton team. [Link to social media post]

Who votes next? Our next election will take place at the Highland Avenue branch in National City, California on May 2.

First branch in Arizona files for union election! On Monday, April 15 the team at the branch in Sierra Vista, Arizona showed the strength of our solidarity when they delivered their union announcement letter signed by the entire team and filed for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board. Watch this space, their election date will be scheduled and announced very soon!


To get started organizing your branch or non-branch department, contact an organizer here.