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WFWU Weekly Newsletter: March 2, 2024

Don’t forget! General Membership Meeting is this Sunday

We wanted to remind everyone one last time about our upcoming WFWU General Membership Meeting scheduled for this Sunday, March 3rd at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. We’ve tried our best to find a time that works for the most number of members, and hope if your schedule allows you will join us!

During this meeting, we will be addressing crucial topics, including updates on our organizing efforts and a discussion regarding Wells Fargo's recent announcement concerning remote work policies and job consolidation plans. This announcement has understandably caused anxiety and uncertainty among many of us, and it's essential that we come together to strategize on how to advocate for our rights and interests.

Specifically, we will be holding a breakout session to brainstorm and develop strategies to push back against Wells Fargo's proposed changes. It's imperative that we have a strong, united voice in this matter to ensure that our concerns are heard and addressed.

As always, this meeting will provide a safe and supportive space for all WFWU supporters and non-managers to participate actively in these important discussions.
To join the meeting, please make sure to register using the link below to receive the Zoom link:

Register for the General Membership Meeting
Your participation and input are invaluable to our collective efforts, and we  encourage you to prioritize attending this important meeting. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that our voices are heard!

VIDEO: Starbucks CAVES To Workers, Begins Union Negotiations

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Pomona Branch in New Jersey files to organize!

Yet another branch has filed for union representation, this time in New Jersey! This brings us up to four unionized worksites and three waiting to hold their elections. With the possibility of almost doubling our size over the next month, it’s clear word is getting out and we’re on the edge of something big!
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Recap: Successful Union Organizing Meeting Draws Strong Interest

We are happy to report back on the resounding success of this week’s WFWU Union Organizing Meeting, which took place on February 27th at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. The meeting, designed to guide Wells Fargo workers through the process of unionizing and understanding our labor rights, garnered significant attendance and enthusiastic participation from across various branches, call centers, offices, and remote locations.


Attendees learned about the necessary steps to forming a union from the very beginning of an organizing campaign to negotiating a contract. From understanding labor rights to identifying instances of employer overreach, the meeting provided invaluable insights and resources to empower workers in advocating for fair treatment and better working conditions.


Due to the interest and demand from those who were unable to attend the initial meeting, we are pleased to announce the addition of a second date for our WFWU Union Organizing Meeting.


Second Date Added: March 12th, 8:30 PM Eastern


If you missed the first meeting or know someone who would benefit from attending, we encourage you to sign up and join us for this important session. Together, we can continue to build solidarity and advocate for positive change within our workplaces.


Sign up here to reserve your spot for the upcoming WFWU Union Organizing Meeting on March 12th.


Thank you to everyone who participated in the initial meeting, and we look forward to seeing both familiar and new faces on March 12th as we work towards a stronger, more empowered workforce.

Attend the Organizing Meeting


Question of the Week:
What if Wells Fargo doesn’t want to work with our union? Can we really do this since Scharf has been vocal against unionization efforts?

Yes. Scharf can feel however he wants, but we still have a right to organize. Most CEOs don’t really like unions. Charlie Scharf isn’t unique in this, and Wells Fargo’s reaction so far has been the norm and what we would have expected, unfortunately. 

We do want to set realistic expectations that Wells Fargo is likely to try stalling tactics to delay negotiations and getting to a final contract, much like Starbucks did with its workers. 

This past week, Starbucks Workers United had a major victory by getting the company to agree to begin discussions on a "foundational framework" that includes a fair process for workers to organize and a process to achieve collective bargaining agreements on a store-by-store basis. Their victory shows that even when there is stiff company opposition, when workers stay united, we win!