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CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Fifteen branches organize, Florida is red hot!


Unanimous yes vote by Fort Myers bankers and tellers makes Verandah branch #15!

On Tuesday, June 4, the team at the Verandah branch in Fort Myers, Florida showed Wells Fargo executives the power of their resolve when all 5 employees voted yes to forming a union at their branch.

"We are thrilled to be the 15th union branch! After years of not having our voices heard we knew that we would have to stick together to make changes that Wells Fargo refused to acknowledge. We ignored all of the anti union propaganda and false information that was being fed to us and today we prevailed. Way to go #15!" said Kelly Partin, Branch Operations Coordinator at the Fort Myers Verandah branch.

Wells Fargo management keeps touting their new slogan - "Stronger as One Team", but what they fail to mention is that none of us are on Charlie Scharf's "Team" because it's a Team of One - his. Without a union, a company's CEO keeps all the power to make important decisions about our lives and our working conditions, like unnecessary layoffs and cutting staff, pitiful raises, constant monitoring and surveillance to maximize our stress levels, and shifting the skyrocketing cost of health insurance onto us. Chainsaw Charlie is not going to listen to us until we join together. And that's what 15 branches have done so far. It's an amazing start, but let's keep the momentum growing!

Cost of Wells Fargo health insurance for employees is too high

It is becoming clear that Wells Fargo is making us pay for a greater share of the health insurance plans they provide us through payroll deductions to cover premiums, copays and covering fewer visits. The result is the cost of health insurance for employees keeps going up causing more of us to opt out of even taking Wells Fargo's medical insurance. That's what we're finding out as more workers come forward to organize for positive changes. Can you afford Wells Fargo's health insurance? Send us your comments. We want to hear from you because this is one of the issues we are going to fight to fix at the union branches!

More elections coming up

Branches across the country are preparing to deliver their signed letters to management and file for a vote. Here are upcoming elections that have been announced:

The next elections will be on:

  • June 11 - Lakewood Plaza branch in Spring Hill, Florida
  • July 2 - Seaside Park, New Jersey


Do you need support and guidance on how to get started at your branch or department? Our organizers can put you in touch with coworkers at branches that have already successfully been through the process. Just sign up for one of our upcoming Classes or fill out our Contact an Organizer form on our website.

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